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Learn more about myBookCorner
What's myBookCorner all about?
  • It's a web-based book club that jazzes up reading for kids
  • It's an online record of books students have read
  • It's seeing books other classmates (or other grades) have read
  • It's Monthly Reading Contests
  • It's easy and on the Internet for your convenience

How can we get started?
  • If your school or classroom uses myBookCorner now, you can become a member!
  • Important: myBookCorner classrooms have a registration passcode. You must use this during the registration process.
  • If you don't know your passcode, ask your teacher or contact us for help.
  • Teachers: like your classroom/school to try out myBookCorner? Just contact us so we can establish your free classroom passcode. You and your students can then register online to join myBookCorner!

Why do it?
  • A new incentive to read - kids love to see their book/page counts adding up.
  • Get great book ideas from what other students are reading!
  • Student reading shared and recognized schoolwide
  • Help your class be one of the school's Top Reading Classes

How Does It Work?
  • Each student logs on with their own myBookCorner username.
  • After reading a book, they go to to enter the book's title, author and pages.
  • MyBookCorner tracks the books/pages they've read, Top 10 Readers, and more.
  • They can see up-to-the-minute classmates' books and school reading totals.
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