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  • pick a unique name that myBookCorner can use to know who you are (your "username")
  • your username cannot be one already used in myBookCorner or you will get an error
  • if you get a "duplicate username" error, try changing the username to make it unique
  • example: username "Johnny" is a duplicate, but "Johnny99" works OK
  • usernames must be at least 5 characters long
  • usernames cannot contain blank spaces
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  • passwords must be at least 5 characters long
  • pick a password you can remember easily, but would be hard for others to guess
  • passwords cannot contain blank spaces
  • you must type your password again in the "repeat password" field, to make sure we get it right
  • be careful when typing, or the password you create might contain typing errors!
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determines your assigned class/club
Class Passcode Help      Close
  • you must have a good Class Passcode to create your username
  • if you don't know your Class Passcode see your teacher
  • this passcode links you to your classmates and school
  • Class Passcodes cannot contain blanks; they must be an unbroken string of characters
  Yours or a parent's (to email your password if forgotten)
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  • although e-mail is not required, we highly recommend entering a good e-mail address here
  • don't forget, an e-mail address has two parts: the e-mail username and the e-mail location
  • Example - good Email: (has both parts, "Sammy99" and "")
  • Examples - bad Emails: Sammy99 (no e-mail location) bad: (no "@")
  • bad: Sammy (e-mails cannot contain blank spaces)
  • bad: Sammy99@yahoocom (forgot the "." before "com")
Secret Question  Secret Question Answer
  Helps us identify you if you forget your password. Choose something you know but would be hard for someone else to figure out!
Secret Question Help      Close
  • Helps us identify you if you forget your password.
  • First choose a secret question by clicking the down arrow to the right of "Secret Question"
  • Next, type the corresponding answer in the "Secret Question Answer" field
  • Example: you choose "name of neighbor" and type "Jenny Morse" in the answer field
  • Example: you choose "name of first pet" and type "Lassie" in the answer field
  • Choose something you would know but would be hard for someone else to figure out
  • A forgotten password capability will be added to myBookCorner in the next few weeks
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