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About Us
myBookCorner is a labor of love... a San Francisco Bay Area family that loves reading. The parents were looking for a fun way to get their kids to log the books they read. They hit upon the idea of a Web-based program for logging books and tracking each reader's personal stats. The Dad, a corporate web developer, created the site. At home, it was an unqualified success: their kids would now race to the computer after finishing each book to update their "book corner"! The kids also loved competing against each other to see who could read the most pages that month. Soon myBookCorner was put on the Internet so the grandparents could follow along.

By this point myBookCorner seemed ready for a larger role and was introduced to their youngest son's third-grade class. "Community" features were added so each child could see what other classmates were reading; in a sense, they could visit everyone else's "book corner". The kids loved it, and the program rapidly expanded schoolwide. As myBookCorner reported on its "School Page", our small school last year posted over 2500 books and 405,000 pages!

myBookCorner has now begun to be used by other schools. They too have started to see how an online school book club can provide a fun boost for reading!

Today, myBookCorner is a small, family-run organization that promotes reading in schools. It is a California-registered Unincorporated Nonprofit Association (Association registration number 9337).

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