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Students: Top 10 Reasons to Try myBookCorner

1. Your books - on the Web!
myBookCorner lets you see all the books you've read anywhere, anytime. Logon from home, school, the library, on vacation - anywhere in the world - and see your books!
2. It's easy.
You logon and enter the title, author, pages read for your books. myBookCorner lets you know how many books and pages you've read. At a glance you can also see what your classmates have been reading.
3. "Keep score" for reading.
Sports could be played without keeping score, but no one does. myBookCorner keep score for reading! Now you can see your reading "personal bests" and try to set new records. Also read a lot and may be the top reader in your class.Compete to be one of the top readers in your class - or even the whole school.
4. You and your classmates can see each other's books!
When you log on, you can see the "book corners" of classmates. And they can see what you've been reading. Check out the latest books your friends have read instantly - even after school or on the weekend!
5. Join in fun classroom reading competitions.
A "scoreboard" shows who's read the most pages for the class this month. Compete to be one of the top readers in your class - or even the whole school! There's a new scoreboard every month, and also one for the school year.
6. You can send E-messages to classmates about books.
myBookCorner gives members a mailbox. You can communicate with other classmates, but only other classmates. Also, it's protected from the outside world; no spam to worry about. A safe way to send a note to a friend.
7. You get your own private username and password for myBookCorner.
You or your parent will create your username and password. Pick something that's not easily guessed to keep your book corner protected. Your information can only be seen by yourself and your classmates.
8. You do the grading!
You can write your own mini-review and be a book critic by giving your books an A-F grade. Let your friends know if this was a great book or a waste of time! Read their reviews online and get good ideas for what to read next.
9. Print out your booklist for your teacher.
Your "my books" page lists all the books you've read, and it has everything your teacher might need to give you credit. Title, author, number of pages, when you read it and your comments are all there. Your list will show the newest books on top.
10. Search for books online.
See what others have thought about a book you just read or are thinking about reading. Search by title or author. Also, forgot the name of that book you read a while ago? You can also just search your own books.
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