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10 Reasons to Consider myBookCorner for your Family
Parents - myBookCorner can help you get your children reading more. Here's how.
1. Helps incent your children to do more personal reading.
You know how important reading is for your children. But the TV, video games, etc. are stiff competition. MyBookCorner is a fun extra incentive to help give reading a boost.
2. Your child will have a personalized online book log
Kids enjoy recording what they've read and seeing it online. Students enter the title, author, pages read and more for their books - and since it's on the Web they can do it anytime, anywhere!
3. "Keep score" for reading.
Sports could be played without keeping score, but no one does. Ironically, the reading experience can also be enhanced by keeping track of books finished, and tallying how many pages were read. MyBookCorner does this to "make reading count".
4. Your child can be part of an online Book Club in his or her classroom.
Help create a classroom "reading community" where students' reading is shared and recognized. Books read at home by everyone can be celebrated and known to all.
5. Kids enjoy seeing what classmates have been reading.
Students' personalized version of myBookCorner lets them "visit" the "book corners" of classmates. They can see at a glance what their friends have read. The most recent classmates posting books are highlighted.
6. Join in fun classroom reading competitions.
A "scoreboard" shows who's read the most pages for the class this month. Students love to compete to be the "Reader of the Month". And everyone that's reading is a winner!
7. Students learn computer and Internet skills in the name of reading.
Using myBookCorner helps kids learn computer and Internet fundamentals in a safe environment. Likewise, reading is "spiced up" by the computer angle - a win/win!
8. Great writing practice too...
Kids can write their own mini-review and be a book critic by giving their books an A-F grade. It's good writing practice and it's fun to read other's reviews.
9. Bring reading "out of the closet".
It's not easy to share and celebrate at-home reading - often others don't even know about it. MyBookCorner helps change this situation for the better. Reading accomplishments can be celebrated schoolwide.
10. Student information is private.
Students create their own usernames and passwords. Their information can only be seen by themselves and their classmates.
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