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• You can get help here if you've forgotten your myBookCorner password or username.
• Before you start: you must have given us your e-mail address (either at registration or afterwards).
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  • Helps us identify you when you forget your password.
  • First choose the secret question you provided earlier to myBookCorner
  • Next, type the corresponding answer in the "Secret Question Answer" field
  • Example: you choose "name of neighbor" and type "Jenny Morse" in the answer field
  • Example: you choose "name of first pet" and type "Lassie" in the answer field
  • Your answer must match exactly (except for case) the answer you provided myBookCorner before
  • Example: "Mary Ann" does not match "MaryAnn" (you forgot the space in the middle)
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  • pick a unique name that myBookCorner can use to know who you are (your "username")
  • your username cannot be one already used in myBookCorner or you will get an error
  • if you get a "duplicate username" error, try changing the username to make it unique
  • example: username "Johnny" is a duplicate, but "Johnny99" works OK
  • usernames must be at least 5 characters long
  • usernames cannot contain blank spaces
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  • although e-mail is not required, we highly recommend entering a good e-mail address here
  • don't forget, an e-mail address has two parts: the e-mail username and the e-mail location
  • Example - good Email: (has both parts, "Sammy99" and "")
  • Examples - bad Emails: Sammy99 (no e-mail location) bad: (no "@")
  • bad: Sammy (e-mails cannot contain blank spaces)
  • bad: Sammy99@yahoocom (forgot the "." before "com")
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